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Former PGA Teaching Professional Reveals Counter Intuitive Method to Building a Consistent Golf Swing.. Without Wasting Countless Hours on The Driving Range.

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Bad advice from two of golf’s greatest.

The late, great, Ben Hogan, arguably the best ball-striker to ever live, when asked “What’s the secret to golf?” famously replied with something like, “You must dig it out of the dirt.”

In other words, you must relentlessly practice until you figure it out.

Lee Trevino, another great, said something similar, “The only way to be great is to move a lot of earth.”

Makes sense, right?

For PGA touring pros, maybe – but for weekend warriors like you and me, we can hit balls until our hands fall off and it isn’t going to change a thing.
I actually tried this approach when I was preparing for the PGA Playing Ability Test.

If you aren’t familiar with the PAT, it’s the playing test that all aspiring PGA pros must take and pass before they can be eligible for the PGA professional program.

To pass, you have to play two 18-hole rounds on the same day and shoot the course rating x 2 + 15 stokes.

So if the course rating is 72, you’d have to shoot 144 + 15 strokes.

For me, that was an average score of 77.5 per round.
Sounds pretty easy for a single-digit handicapper, no? I thought so, but less than 20% of everyone who takes it will pass.

That means that 80% of aspiring pros will fail.

Needless to say, it’s much more difficult than it sounds.

And if I continued to follow the above advice, I too would have failed.

The pressure was on and I had to figure something out fast because the more I practiced, the seemingly worse I was getting.

Lucky for me, I found something and passed the PAT on my first try.

What I found is that “digging it out of the dirt” and “moving a lot of earth” works well for PGA touring pros who are grooving, an already, nearly perfect swing, but for the rest of us, it’s terrible advice.

It’s actually why, in my view, going to the driving range is usually a complete waste of time.

What I didn’t tell you is that I didn’t start playing golf until I was 22 and by 25, I had already become a PGA professional.

Today, I have an 8-month old, a 7-year old and I play once, maybe twice a week, I rarely go to the driving range, I recently had hip surgery, and I’m still able to regularly shoot or break par using the exact same formula that I discovered while practicing for the PAT.

What I discovered is so simple that it’s virtually ignored by mainstream golf instructors.

I figured out how to practice less and permanently retain more.

That’s the real secret.

I share more tips like this (and what I did to pass the PAT) in my newsletter which you can

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